Govt Job vs Private Job in Bangladesh [Advantages & Disadvantages]

Govt Job vs Private Job in Bangladesh

Govt Job vs Private Job: Services which you are generally given to the government is called a Govt job. On the other hand, services which you are generally given for some non-governmental organization is called the private job. There are so much different between a Govt job and a private job in our country. Some people are like to do a BD Govt jobs and other people are like private job. If you have the dilemma about these two types of jobs, this article will help you to select your career. I will discuss with you what will perfect for you? There have so many youth who are graduating every year. One estimation said that, every year around 7 lakh students are graduating. Most of the students from them are becoming unemployed. One of the main reasons for their unemployment is indecision in choosing careers. After completing their graduation, they think that what I will do? Most of the students do not take their decision properly. For this reason, they are staying unemployed. Now I am going to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the Govt job and a private job. Let’s check out the Govt Job vs Private Job comparison.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Govt Job

The people of the community said that the Govt job is like a golden deer. If you get once the golden deer, you will be safe for the whole life. Like that, if you get the Govt job once, you will be safe for the whole life. The security of the Govt job is very strong. Once you get the job. You have not any fear to lose the job.


  • Job Security: The main cause for choosing a Govt job is its job security. In a company, you can lose your job anytime. But in a Govt office where your job is very secure. It is very hard to lose your job. For the security, people are selecting a Govt job than private job.
  • Don’t have any target: If you are an employee in a private company, you have to fulfill some targets that are given by the company. But if you are employed in a Govt office, you don’t have any target for your job. This is one main cause for choosing a Govt job.
  • Other benefits and reputation: A Govt employee has the highest reputation in a community. The Person who holds the Govt job gets so many facilities from the government. They get travel cost, family allowance, home allowance, medical allowance etc. Sometimes there has some employee who gets a loan for their housing.


  • No scope to get high promotion: The promotion of the Govt job is very rare. There has very small chance to get the promotion for the Govt job employee. Only a fix time, they get the promotion not for the higher basis. This is one of the most disadvantages of the Govt job.
  • No scope to show creativity: In the Govt job, you never have the chance to show your creativity. Government sets some criteria for Govt employees.
  • Posting in a difficult place: You have to do the work in a very dangerous place, if the Government transfer you in that kind of place. Your life can be hampered for sudden transfer.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Private Job

Private job is one of the emerging job sectors for us. Young professionals have a huge opportunity to join at various private companies. But there are some advantages & disadvantages also. Let’s check some advantages and disadvantages.


  • High Salary: Generally, the private sector employee gets higher salary than the Govt employee. If they become any officer of top level management, they will get a very high salary from the company.
  • Cutting-Edge Projects: Private sector job offer opportunities for employees to be a part of more innovative project. In this process, you have a great chance to show your creativity. By this, you can run your own project.
  • Advanced Opportunities: Private Job employee gets some advanced opportunities. Such as, they get the change to travel with the organization in another country and some other opportunities that the Govt employee does not get.


  • Instability: If you are not able to fill up your target, you can lose your job. The company has the right to sack you from the job. This is the main problem for the private job.
  • Lack of Reputation & Benefits: In the private sector, you will not get any extra benefit from the company. There has a very few vacation in a private job. The pressure of the private job is very high. The community people give less respect to a private employee.

Govt Job vs Private Job – Choose a Best Career in Bangladesh

From the above discussion, it’s become quite clear that the Govt job is more useful than the private job. If you compare the private and the Govt job, you will be able to find which is more effective for building a career. Briefly, it must be true that Govt job is more secure and better than the private. Now, it’s your choice what you will select for your career.

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